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TET-TrayCap Video Viewing & Capture via Windows System Tray Using powerful graphics chips today's graphics board developers extend the features of 2D/3D boards by integrating video decoding & encoding hardware & utilities to their products. As a leading manufacturer of graphics & Internet solutions, ELSA serves the market with almost legendary product lines offering video-in/video-out modules for their graphics cards. The powerful video capture drivers feature various video formats and resolutions, making the solutions interesting not only for the home user but also professionals in different sectors. There are several video monitoring and editoring tools on the market (such as ELSA MainActor) which satisfy the needs of most of the users. But when it comes to simple viewing and capture of short sequences most of the programs are packed with operational modules which simply are not needed by the user or their handling is not always very practical. Some of TET's clients esp. in the medical sector were in search of simple programs enabling the user to quickly activate the video window, zoom it with one-touch to fullscreen mode and capture frames with one mouse click. Instead of searching our team members created TrayCap. Display of video streams from video cameras, webcams, video recorders, laser disk players or satellite receivers Easy monitoring of operations via Windows system tray One mouse click to change to FullScreen mode (and back) Copy of frame content to clipboard - for further use in Windows programs Writing of frame content directly to a directory on the hard disk AVI file capture to selected directory on the hard disk Works with all ELSA solutions WINNER, SYNERGY, ERAZOR, GLADIAC offering a video input

ATI FirePro V5800DVI

ATI FirePro V3800

ATI FirePro V5800

ATI FirePro V9800

ATI FirePro V4800

ATI FirePro V7800

ATI FirePro V8800

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